Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday's Loot - 7 September 2005

The trend of picking up less and less books continues with me. By the end of the month the comic shop will actually be giving me money if this trend continues. I didn't think the orders would be in until Thursday because of the long weekend but I went like a moth to light. Both books I bought are continuation stories so I don’t know if I have much to contribute as far as reviews go.

I only picked up Batman: Detective Comics #811 and Villains United #5. I’ll probably stop by the shop on my way home and check out Young Avengers #6 thanks to Jim’s recommendation. I don’t know why I haven’t yet really. I’m hoping this is a good jumping on point.

Batman: Detective Comics #811
I'm glad to be back to the City of Crime story although I feel a bit lost now. I didn't buy the War Crimes interuption to normal service and am glad of that. I think I should be glad that no character does anything out of the ordinary here. I'm enjoying this story arc even if the detached narrator is hit or miss for me. I like that Robin looks like a younger kid as opposed to a miniature adult and is just as pissed as anyone when Batman does his solo stuff. This story reminds me a lot of Robert Heinlein's The Puppetmasters, which I read recently and enjoyed, so I'm enjoying this story. I like seeing this type of Batman who is making a personal connection again and even if he is conflicted over it, he's acting in a generally non-asshole way about it.

I rate this story: Back on Track.

Villains United #5
Now that's how you do a reveal! I was a bit lost at the beginning of the plot but I think that's because I didn't finish eating lunch and was a bit low on blood-sugar. Finally, villains acting like villains and no sudden interuptions in character or sharp turns coming out of left field.

I rate this story: Just Great.

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