Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tuesday Name-Check

Well, the weekend was long and fun. Had a great birthday and managed to blow off any sort of preparation I was doing for this site. I hope to get something up later today. In the meantime here's a quick link filled post.

Johanna over at Cognitive Dissonance has a great post on why comics aren’t a mass medium. She does a great job of going into a comparison between comics and network television and in her brevity she hits the nail on the head for the strengths, weaknesses and differences of the two media.

Comics.212 has a great little story about Hope Larson and Bryan Lee O'Malley trying to auction work for hurricane relief. Basically e-bay limits the charity auctions to American citizens. I think you can trust these two to donate their proceeds to the U.S. Red Cross. So come on you Canuckleheads go bid here.

The Low Road (new to the link collection) has a fun little piece about Mint-seekers.

I think the post above gets Dorian at postmodernbarney thinking and you get his fun little Sunday post.

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