Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tuesday Tussle

What is it about Mondays and deadlines? I will change my Monday madness contest to a Tuesday something-or-other. I know it was a long weekend and all so Wednesday’s loot will be a day late as well but I’ll keep this idea for Tuesdays. It will give me a whole day to come up with something.

Today’s question:
Since the whole “Crisis” thing is happening are there any sins from your past? By this I mean are there any big classic books/stories that you haven’t read or didn’t enjoy?

My list is quite huge since I’ve missed about 15 years worth of comics and even back in the day I couldn’t afford many books. So if it happened since 1990 assume I haven’t read it. In fact there is WAY more that I haven’t read. As an example I only read The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen this year. There you go – shocking isn’t it?

So before the cries of “Judas!” start I’ll make the first round of confession. (Sorry for making this post sound all Catholic I don’t know where it’s coming from). So here’s a partial list of “important” works I’ve missed and stuff I think I’ll enjoy but haven’t gotten around to buying or reading.

List of shame:
  1. Sandman by Neil Gaiman

  2. Swamp Thing by Alan Moore

  3. V for Vendetta

  4. From Hell

  5. Invincible

  6. Powers before they were at Marvel

  7. The New Teen Titans by Wolfman/Perez

  8. Hellboy (got the first trade)

  9. Y the Last Man (got the first trade)

  10. Ultimate Spiderman

  11. Fables

  12. Arkham Asylum

  13. The New Frontier

  14. Daredevil by Frank Miller

  15. Crisis on Infinite Earths

I figure one shameful admission for each year I claim to have not paid attention to comics is enough. I know I won’t be picking up all this stuff here but I will be catching up on a few things. My girlfriend is interested in Y The Last Man so I’ll be getting the rest of that series first. Then it depends on my mood.

Post one shameful admission and I’ll send you a free comic. Nobody posted last week, so there’s still a good selection. And by good I mean a larger selection more than a selection of good comics.


Shane Bailey said...

Shameful Secret #1:I once bought and still own over 50% of the work put out by Image Comics and Extreme studios in the 90's.

Shameful Secret #2:I loved ted Kord, the Blue Beetle, as a character, but his comics weren't very good.

Shameful Secret #3: I've only found maybe about 5 Manga that I really like. A lot of the rest I just can't get into. Same with Anime.

Shameful Secret #4: I liked New Frontier, but didn't love it like everyone else seemed to.

Shameful Secret#5: I buy a lot of comics out of habit instead of actual enjoyment of the story.

Shameful Secret #6: I didn't like From Hell.

Shameful Secret#7: I don't really like Dark Knight Returns, but I enjoyed it when it was first released.

That's about it for now.

joncormier said...

Mark me up for numbers 2 and 3! I'm trying to avoid buying comics out of habit. I quit smoking, I can quit that as well.

To me the whole thing about Ted Kord is that he's the part of Batman that the writers have killed off. The fun, inventive, crime solving guy and we're left with a bloody, self righteous, arse who is a bit too singular in motivation these days.

Shane Bailey said...

Exactly. Very well explained.

Jim Roeg said...

Secret Shame: I've never really enjoyed the original Dark Phoenix saga. Something about the Hellfire Club irritates me...

joncormier said...

Shane, you are now the proud owner of a comic courtesy of yours truly. Just drop me an e-mail so I can send it to you. It's worth a whole dollar!

Shane Bailey said...

I can't seem to find your e-mail. Mine is (my first name at my site .org) if you want to e-mail me it.