Friday, September 02, 2005

Foreign Aid for New Orleans

How much do you spend on comics each week? Try sending that amount to a charity by either matching what you spent this Wednesday or what you will spend next Wednesday. You could send your money to charity instead of buying comics or just match what you spend. I plan to.

Since others are doing it better than I am I’ll link to a few sites that have information about disaster relief for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I will try to get some information for how Canadians can contribute.

The Comic Asylum’s post about comic artists auctioning off work to drum up funds.
Newsarama’s story about DC’s efforts to help out.
Newsarama again with a list of American charities and organizations.
There is always the American Red Cross and the Canadian Red Cross.

I know that during the tsunami in south east Asia the Canadian Government pledged to match the amount Canadians gave to charities who were working in the relief effort. I hope they are willing to do the same here. I know that so far Canada has offered the help of military engineers and will be trying to get medical drugs to those who need them. If I learn more I will post on how Canadians can help out.

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