Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday Madness - 12 September 2005

Today’s Monday Madness is a bit of a chucked together idea. I’m sure I can do better than this post.

I’m going to give a quick glimpse into my head for a second and give a combined list of music (songs or albums) and comics. Basically it’s songs or albums that went through my head as I read the books or reflect back on them. So here goes.

The Amazing Joy Buzzards – Almost anything by the Buzzcocks especially Sixteen Again (song) and What Do I Get? (song), Gorillaz (anything), The Beatles Revolver (album) and The Rolling Stones (anything before 1980).
I think all of this is self-explanitory.

The Dark Knight Returns – The Ghost Dog Soundtrack, Johnny Cash – When the Man Comes Around (song), Social Distortion (self titled album).
These all just give me ideas about urban cityscapes with tough as nails guys kicking ass and taking names for later. There’s also a bit of introspection with Johnny Cash.

Watchmen – Modest Mouse – Third Planet (song), Tom Waits – The Earth Died Screaming (song) and the rest of Bone Machine (album) for that matter.
Not only do these names fit the actual story of Watchmen, the lyrics do too. I’m a huge Tom Waits fan so his music is usually going through my head no matter what I’m doing but Bone Machine is mostly about the end of the world so it fits Watchmen thematically. There’s also a lot of introspection and exploration of injured characters coming to terms with themselves as well as reveling in the freakish nature of humanity.

Godland – The Detroit Cobras – Life, Love and Leaving (album).
Both are modern creations that invoke a past era. And both rock so damn much you wish they were the only thing available in that genre. They make you feel shame for the rest of their respective genres.

The Walking Dead – The Who – Baba O’Reily (song).
An epic that gives you chills and a feeling of hope.

I could go on for hours but I want your feedback. Whoever posts a comment about a comic and music will get a free dollar bin comic.

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