Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 5 April 2006

Weird day at the shop. I decided to pass on Jonah Hex. I’m deciding to trim the pull list a bit and I decided that it wasn’t worth the commitment. I also passed on the Omac Special because I’m still pissed about the series leaving out the major plot point so you’d have to buy four other unconnected comics. Also, Detective Comics wasn’t at the shop, they were shorted or it didn’t arrive or something like that.

On with the show…

Infinite Crisis #6
Now that’s more like it. Huge battles on multiple fronts. Glimpses into all the different Earths. I think the Aztek/Mayan Earth was my favourite. The death of a Super-family member as a sacrifice. The Grant Morrison “breaking the fourth wall” plot point. This was all big explodey goodness to me. This was like when the drums kick in on Baba O'reilly only in comic form.
I rate this story: A great heaping serving of Superhero crossovers and beat downs.

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantic #42
I love the art in this book, even if Arthur Curry looks older than me when he’s meant to be a bit younger than me. It’s a great sword and sorcery book set in a pretty cool world. I sort of wish I knew a bit more of the Aquaman continuity but I don’t really need to in order to enjoy the story. I am finding it sort of ironic that a story taking place under water is “decompressed.”
I rate this story: Intriguing.

Lions, Tigers and Bears Vol. 2 #1
This is my type of all-ages comic. Bright fantastic images full of characters that straddle the mundane and the fantastic. It’s straight forward storytelling in a world of primary colours. Exactly what the doctor ordered in a medium clustered with dark and tangential reading experiences. The goal of this book seems to be one of entertainment. Is it fun? I think that’s the question this book asks you as a reader. If you’re looking for a nice light reading experience you could do much worse than this book. It’s the kind of comic you feel you should hold onto until you have kids of your own so they can read it when they learn how to read.
I rate this story: A pure joy to read.

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