Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Undead Summer

For some reason a lot of my summer entertainment involves the undead. I've just finished reading I am Legend, which is a really good read if you haven't done so, you should. I had no idea all those Simpsons hallowe'en episodes were Richard Matheson stories. This is the guy who wrote that story about the goblin on the plane wing and the killer doll. I'm sure there's more. Also, there's a Will Smith movie coming out and I didn't want that to ruin the story for me. I had previously watched about a half hour worth of the Charlton Heston version called The Omega Man and I think Night of the Comet is also a version of the story.

I just picked up Resident Evil 4 for the Wii, which is exceptionally good and cheaper than other Wii games. I haven't played the game on previous platforms so this is simply great. Okay, they're not exactly the undead but it's Resident Evil and well, it's creepy. Good, but creepy.

I mentioned my idea for Night of the Sweet Prince: Something Rotten in the State of Denmark. But I'm also working on an actual zombie type story. Yes, I know that genre has jumped the shark but this actually kind of works. It's mostly historical fiction though and I've done most of the planning and research now I just need to find the time when I can go home and not feel like looking at a computer screen will burn the eyes out of my sockets to get that elusive first draft done.

Me and my wife are planning a zombie movie fest for a friend of ours who has never seen a zombie movie. Since we both absolutely love Shaun of the Dead, it's on the bill. We're also thinking of 28 Days Later because she doesn't remember it all that much and wants to see it again. I'm thinking we throw together the sequel if it's out and the Dawn of the Dead remake since she's not a purist, and the schlocky effects of the Romero movies might not go over well with our intended audience.

I'm writing this because I went to go get a blog rating and found this quiz instead:

When I walk to work I look around Ottawa to find the best place of defence. I think my home is okay for a little while but, honestly, the houses of parliament are the place for me. It's stone, it's got a huge front lawn that is fenced in with old-timey fortifications, a cliff protecting the back and the peace tower can work as a sniper's berth. But, the museum of nature is closer and has similar features.

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