Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Night Fights: The one true uppercut

Bahlactus brings the pain, and I'm signing the dancecard "always a bridesmaid never the bride."

Okay, this time I'm waiting for the bell to ring before I jump out of my corner with my best shot to the chin. So who can possibly top The Spirit for pure jaw-smashing power?

Well, it's simple. When the entire multiverse was threatened with destruction and while facing down the destruction of all known reality there is only one hero who knows that the best way to inspire other heroes to give it their all is to punch a man as hard as you can in the face.

I'm of course, talking about Batman.

Damn, son, check that chin at the door or Batman will check it for you.


Siskoid said...

Oh Calendar Man, you never had a chance.

joncormier said...

It's Batman. Nobody has a chance.