Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Night Fights: Uppercut Appreciation

Once again I crash Bahlactus's party. Last night there was a boxing match going on just down the street from my house. People dressed up and ritzed up as their limos dropped them off. It reminded me that today was going to focus on the uppercut. So I plunged the depths for one of the originals.

That's right. Rule number two of comics - don't talk shit to The Spirit.


The Fortress Keeper said...


Bahlactus said...

Guard yo' grill! FNF -- Uppercut is in effect on the 22nd. Will you be ready?

joncormier said...

Ahhh crap on a stick. I can't read a calendar. Oh well, the prospect of cartoon violence just makes me jump the gun. Will work on it.