Friday, June 08, 2007

Hot Fuzz

Well that certainly cleansed the palette after the Senators lost the Stanely Cup to the *shudder* Ducks *shudder*. Hot Fuzz delivered everything I had wanted from that movie. It met my expectations and far exceeded them. I understand why this movie isn't for everyone - mostly because you'd have had to have watched a lot of aciton cop movies and be cool with two Brits totally making fun of them in their brilliantly cutting and loving manner. The romance scenes were brilliant but the climactic battle blew my mind into a gajillion pieces. If I had it at home, I'd have watched it again immediately after I watched it the first time.

You know those rumours about a Solomon Stone movie, well Hot Fuzz beat them to the punch. And that's a joke probably 15 of my 20 readers will understand.

I'd put up a Friday Night Fights retrospective but I only had the one entry (just scroll down a few posts to see the beauty of Plastic Man punch Hitler in the face as part of a three-headed Axis beast).


Bahlactus said...

Sorry I missed your first punch last week, John! Be sure to stop in next week for some more pre-Friday Night Fights -- Uppercut action. Then come through with a solid punch for the 22nd. BTW -- your post links the site, but, you may want to link the individual post (for cats who come through and read your archives later!) Lets get it goin'!

Siskoid said...

But it was a very GOOD panel.

joncormier said...

Hail Bahlactus, yeah I linked before the post was up and sort of avoided the internet this weekend. It should be all good by now.