Monday, June 25, 2007

Last Wednesday's Loot - 20 June 2007

The Spirit #7
Ah, the "Summer Spectacular" comic book - how much I loved you in my youthful trips to the cottage. I remember getting old Marvel editions that had Spider-man and Fantastic Four at a gas station along the way. This summer however, I get The Spirit who has rocketed to the top area of my favourite comic book heroes. I could be cynical about this but after looking at that cover there simply isn't any way I can come up with bad things to say about this collaberative comic. It has 3 stories that manage to feel a lot like Eisner's minimal page count Spirit stories. That's what I love about the history of The Spirit, the basis is just so diverse that there really isn't too much you can do with the stories that makes them feel wrong or off. I like the idea of using this character as a space to focus on different means of storytelling for the creators involved and while I love Darwyn Cooke's work, this was a fun fill in that didn't feel like one.
I rate this comic: In the spirit of The Spirit.

Marvel Avengers: Iron Man #2
Enter The Mandarin. I'm not the most knowledgable about Iron Man but I know a bit about him and his trove of villainy. I like this Mandarin, I only wish he called his flying dragon robot Fin Fang Foombot or something like that. Oh yeah, love the footnotes Mr. van Lent, I never realized how much until I saw one again. Thanks.
I rate this comic: Classic comics.

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