Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wednesday's Loot - 07 February 2007

52 Week 40
A smack down drag out fight between Steel and Super Luthor. I liked it for being so darn simple. And while I like coming of age stories that involve traveling, like On The Road, I’m not sure I can take another meandering travelogue in the pages of 52 with Osiris off to the Rock of Eternity, although if Batshit insane Billy is still there it could be fun.
I rate this comic: A good distraction with punching.

Detective Comics #828
Bruce Wayne, Shark Detective. Again, I’m finding it hard to compliment this book again under Dini’s pen. It’s quite frankly, exactly what I want from my Batman stories. Self contained mysteries with a few random facts thrown in and some banter amongst the supporting cast. Including Bruce summing up the difference between friends, allies and families with a mention of Aquaman chucked in for good measure.
I rate this comic: Still really good.

Jeff Smith’s Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil
Remember when comics were these amazing four colour creations that let you escape the world by telling amazing adventures that looked so pretty you wanted to go live in that world even if they were a bit scary but at least there were superheroes and stuff. Yeah, me too. It happened about ten minutes ago when I read this book.
I rate this comic: GLGZOOB ZDVHLNV!

Action Comics Annual #10

Still haven’t read it but it looks like old-school Annual brilliance. Can’t wait to get home, pour a glass of Alt-a-bhain whiskey (preview copy before the distillery opens - one of the benefits of marrying a lass with a few Scottish roots) and enjoy this.

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