Monday, February 12, 2007

Sidebar updates

I just updated my sidebar links because I realised I wasn't linking to Bully Says: Comics Oughta Be Fun! And, well, that's just not right.

There's a few more links in my Miscellany section as well.

So to make amends here's the Dead Robot's take on Black Hole Vs. Event Horizon.



plok said...

Ouch! Just read that "101 People Who Are Ruining Canada" thing, curse you for putting that up there!

My money's on Justin Trudeau for #1, how 'bout you? I bet that guy loathes Justin Trudeau.

joncormier said...

I have no idea. Personally I hope it's Margret Atwood just because that would be awesome.

I was reading at first then just sort of skimming for names and reading the ones I was interested in, like the Quebecois Paris Hilton. Then I felt shame.

Dead Robot said...

Next I'm comparing "Terms of Endearment" with "Aliens VS Predator"