Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday's Loot - 22 February 2007

52 Week 42
Okay then, looks like I'll have to re-read this entire series at some point to see if any of the reveals make any sense. That being said I liked this issue, if only for a stretchy dude beating the crap out of an evil sorcerer.
I rate this comic: Back into a bit of a good stretch. wukka wukka wukka.

The Spirit #3
This can't be right. A comic that's essentially "to be continued..." has a complete origin story. Someone didn't send Darwyn Cooke that memo about writing for the trade. Yes, it's familiar territory but we're still given different points of view that manage to establish each of the characters and their relationship to Denny Colt (even when they're not on panel). I feel like reading this series is like buying carbon credits for my wasteful spending on other titles. If you're wanting a unique perspective on this book just read it and make up your own mind, I'm sure it's been praised everywhere and I can't add too much to what's already out there.
I rate this comic: A breath of fresh air that is much needed.


Fortress Keeper said...

It was nice to see Ralph beat the tar out of somebody, but the Wishing Gun thing came out of the blue and is more than a bit of a cheat.

joncormier said...

Yep, it was a cheat, but I'll let it slide because it was still a decent issue.

I was hoping for a little super ventriloquism to save the day.