Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Black Thursday/Tuesday

I went into the comic shop last week and got a supscription. I have a feeling this will become a bad idea at some point but I do think my current selection of titles is fairly decent. If, let's say, I had room for one more that had nothing to do with super heroes what would you suggest?

Current list:
52 (until it's done)
Manhunter (until it's, oh wait it's not cancelled? It is? Well I'm getting it regardless so I don't need to keep track)
The Spirit
Detective Comics (for as long as Dini is on it - it's pretty dang good)
Batman (As long as Morrison isn't writing any more drug fueled essays)
Shazam: Monster Society of Evil
DC Countdown (Hey, I like 52 and weekly Dini seems just too good to pass up right now - this is on sight unseen and if I don't like it - gonzo!)
All Star Superman
The Ultimates (so I don't need to worry about that schedule anymore. I mean really, this'll cost me three bucks every year or so but it's the one title I won't drop for being late for some undefinable yet extremely hypocritical reason)
Marvel Adventures: Avengers (Still need to get the All-M.O.D.O.C. issue but Jeff Parker's Agent's of Atlas and Chris Sim's gushing have me signed up for a few issues at least)
Marvel Adventures: Iron Man (This is likely to get dropped before the book even comes out but for some reason I felt I needed an Iron Man book that had nothing to do with the Ultimate or 616 universe)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Shut the hell up, I'm a late comer to the series, I like it and will give this a chance. And by latecomer to the series I mean rented some DVDs for my sick wife after it was off the air for a few years then proceeded to rent the whole damned thing.)

Possible additions:
Hellblazer when Iain Rankin takes over as writer.
Any additional Mouse Guard, Northwest Passage or Agents of Atlas comics.
Checkmate (do I really need more DC though?)

Totally forgot about until right now and will need to add:
Action Philosophers

Will be now relegated to, or already collected as, trades for various reasons:
The Walking Dead
Y: The Last Man (It's been a while but I'll be back - no rush)
Fables (Still need to start this sometime)
Wasteland (couldn't find the first few issues but if the trade catches me up - onto the monthly list)
Fear Agent (this just disappeared too fast from the local shops for me to keep up with and I was really enjoying it)
Hellboy and BPRD (when I'm done with the HB trades)

Any glaring errors you may see there. I have a list of comics I'm not interested in if you, dear reader, give a crap about my reading and buying habits.

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