Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Easy like Wednesday Morning.

So Civil War ended. I passed on it. Can someone let me know if this is the longest timeline for a six issue summer crossover? I'm sure it has records other than sales under its belt.

I give the following odds for World War Hulk events:

3:1 - Thor is the big reveal to take down Hulk in the last issue
3:1 - Thor appears on the last page of the second last issue
7:5 - Cpt. America suits up
4:1 - Nick Fury returns
10:1 - Nick Fury returns masquerading as Cpt. America
12:1 - Dr. Doom was behind everything for the last few years
2:1 - Magic or Mind Control was the cause of Civil War
Even - it will be a simple concept mishandled

I'm not sure these are Las Vegas worthy or anything but I'll gladly take your payments via paypal or cash in unmarked brown envelopes left behind Brown's cleaner's on 3rd Ave between noon and 3 p.m. - receipts will be provided.

It should work, and it should be awesome but they'll just have Banner ripping heroes a'twain instead of just smashing the buildings around them and letting Green Cross pick up the pieces. Then Iron Man will shed a single tear before sacrificing himself and hopefully Nick Fury will show up and do something crazy awesome while smoking a cigar - oh wait he's probably got to be on the patch or that nicotine gum now because Marvel has a policy, right?

Blame Sims:

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