Monday, February 12, 2007

Prject BD Book 10

Tintin au Tibet

Unfortunately this is the last of the BD I'll be reviewing for a while as I ran out of time from the library and can't renew any of the books I have out. Which means no Marshal Blueberry reviews because the rest of my life took more time from me than I thought. I simply didn't have time to read comics in my second language this weekend. From what little I did read, Blueberry is a pretty decent western comic with art provided by Jean (Moebius) Giraud who has everyone looking beat and mean rather than the clean and precise linework I'm used to in his sci-fi work.

Compared to the other two Tintin books I've read this is probably the least exciting. It's basically a mountaineering trip in the Himilayas for the entire book. The big star this time though is Captain Haddock who spends most of the book receiving massive head trauma from stones and the rest of the book either complaining and threatening to leave Tintin to die alone, drinking whisky or otherwise letting his emotions over-run his logic. He's probably the best curmudgeonly companion ever created for comics.

The plot seems phoned in this time with Tintin getting a dream vision that his friend Tchang, from Tintin and the Blue Lotus is lost and hungry but still alive in the mountains after a plane crash. Turns out he is and the Yeti was taking care of him. That's about it. Oh yeah, and the dog gets drunk and falls off a mountain pass.


running42k said...

That book would be worth it just for the last line you wrote.

joncormier said...

It is. The artwork is still beautiful and the story better than most Superhero books you'll find on the shelves today. Just compared to other Tintin books, it's a bit tame.

There's lots of drunkeness though.