Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wednesday's Loot - 26 October 2005

Okay, I have officially hit a rut. I know that Greg at Comics should be Good has issued a challenge but I didn’t bother taking part. I don’t know if it’s the fact that the weather has been cold, wet and grey for the entire month or what but I’m not really exploring a lot of new books these days. I like what I’ve bought, don’t get me wrong but I’m feeling generally “meh” about most things these days. Must be the lack of vitamin D.

After that underselling let’s get to the load of good books that I picked up this week in alphabetical order.

JLA #121
It’s just hard to follow up the last story arc. This one is not completely bad but not glowingly good either. Green Arrow is poor little rich boy now who seems to be willing to do the opposite of whatever Batman does. Ollie seems to be the new Batzarro. On the other hand Nightwing is again proving how he’s one of the only characters who is following in the traditional manifestation of DC heroes. He’s loyal, he’s upstanding and the Omacs register him as “truth and justice” so you know big things are probably in store for little Dickie Grayson. I’m also happy to see Aquaman in a leadership role. I think that’s a great use of the character.

I rate this story: Bridging the gap so it feels like wasted potential.

JLA: Classified #13
There isn’t much I can say about this issue that won’t be covered elsewhere. Yes the cover art is “unique” and the story may tread familiar territory. That doesn’t take away from how good this story is. This has been right up my alley since day one, even if the first issue in this arc left me feeling deflated, I mean decompressed. Whatever. The action picks up. The JLA works like a team only to be split up for the next book/scene. I like the idea of the devil being a great weapon making itself available for the best warrior of a race. Funny that Superman is not really human. Don’t mention that to anyone by the way.

I rate this story: KABOOM! That was fun.

Loveless #1
I want to like this series. I really do. It just feels too much like The Outlaw Josey Wales and Sister Sarah mixed together and cranked to 11. And I’m no prude to be sure but that last scene made me want to take a shower. I’m seeing a lot of potential here that just needs to have the kinks worked out.

I rate this story: Man the west was grim and dirty.

Solo #7 – Michael Allred
Now that’s what I’m talking about! My head is still reeling from this book and it made me use an exclimation point (or two). It was freaking awesome! Only, why does my cover have Wonder Girl on it and not Batman doing the Batusie? (see comments for explination - it apparently refers to the Teen Titans story - duh?). This is pretty much my perfect comic as far as mixing memories with current sensibilities is concerned. I need to catch my breath and write some more specifics on this.

…One minute later…

Okay, I don’t know every last detail for the characters used here (I’m still a relative newbie returner to comics) but this collection gives you a great campy take on them. I instantly knew what their powers were, etc. There is some great black humour here. I appreciate that as much as avant garde humour. This book has both in spades. Allred knows the characters’ histories and plays with form as much as with style. Batman A-Go-Go is an obvious favourite but the Fourth World Wager was pretty damn funny.

I rate this story: Batmite. Fucking Batmite!

Young Avengers #8
I like the riff on the after-school “don’t do drugs intervention” special going on in this book. Although I’m glad I picked up a few issues I think I’m done with teen drama for a while. This is a really well done book and I think there is a crapload of potential for these characters but I’m just not interested in this sort of story at the moment. I don’t know why. I look at all the aspects here and they look good on paper but something about this book is leaving me flat. I like the retro Mr. Hyde, I like that these kids have more believable motives than most of the older heroes, there’s some great interplay among them as well as a young gay couple who aren’t treated like lepers. I’m hoping this is just a feeling I’m getting because of the weather. I’ll probably buy the next issue in a month. I’m just hoping Marvel has the balls to really do some compelling stories with these kids. If not, I’m gone.

I rate this story: Action packed but losing it’s hold on me.


Scipio said...

That's actually Wonder Girl on the cover of "Solo", not Wonder Woman.

Dancing to Bobby Sherman, no doubt.

joncormier said...

Hey, my roots are showing! Ah well, to me she's a woman...:)

Will change.