Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Well, it was the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend this past weekend. I had the inlaws up and everything that happens in a bad TV sitcom during the Thanksgiving episode happened to me. Um, this needs a bit of exposition.

Me and my spouse/girlfriend/partner (whatever she is), have been housesitting for over a week now. Neither of us have slept well in this time so like a deer I'm distracted by shiney objects now. Oooh, coffee mugs! We're there for somewhat serious reasons but also because these people have two cats. I've always been indifferent to cats because I was allergic to them growing up (deathly allergic but I grew out of it). In this time I've decided I am not a cat person nor will I ever be. I went on a date once with a girl who sort of acted like these cats and I left like the building was on fire.

So Thanksgiving comes around and I have this great Hamilton Squash recipe, a chicken ready for baking and a tomatoe and feta pie. But because I'm not used to the house I screwed up the oven timer rig-a-ma-jig and it didn't cook squat.

It's been a really craptacular week so this site went to pot. Still, I got to watch a lot of baseball and more hockey than I've watched in a long, long time (the Senators are still undefeated and beat the Leafs twice in shoot-outs. Exciting stuff). And I'm happy for Vladimir Guerro and the Angels.

Comics Stuff: I read both Batman: Gotham County Line and Fantastic Four and Iron Man: Big in Japan. These books have two things in common: I liked both of them plus the cardstock for the covers. Other than that I can't really think of two more different comics. Bright and light compared to dark and gritty. I've been thinking a lot about this Batman story and I can't help but compare it to the Batman: The Animated Series since I'm watching that as it comes in the mail. I do like that this story is mixing the realism with the fun aspects of the Batman. But when he's being portrayed overly realistic the fun parts just become hokey. I like the jet-pack. I wish I had one. But when the content is so dark and presented in a realistic manner it jars the story. Put him on a motorbike if you want realism and darkness. Jetpacks and automatic cape rollers are just too much fun for a story about serial killers and the undead.

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