Tuesday, October 18, 2005

More of what I've ever needed to know that I learned from Crisis of Infinite Earths

Upon reflection I've managed to add to my list. I will probably add more in the days to come:

1) Anti-matter kicks matters ass. If there was ever a prize fight between Matter and Anti-matter and I was a betting man, I’d bet on Anti-matter because it is always the clear favourite. I don’t care where it’s used it always seems to be way more powerful than its apparent equal – matter. If matter were a person it would be joe-average or an everyman like John Myers in the Hellboy movie where Anti-matter is Rasputin or Hellboy. No contest.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if these things are equal and balanced why doesn’t matter ever wipe out the anti-matter universe? I know that’s sort of what happens in the end but you don’t see matter wiping out anti-matter universe after anti-matter universe. I guess I’m thinking about this too much and I know I’m not the audience this story was originally written for but I’ve sort of always felt this way since I can remember. That would be a story. Seeing the crisis from the other side where our universe starts wiping out the anti-matter equivalent and having anti-heroes fight for their survival.

2) I really miss villains who call people “dolts.” If there was slang that I’d reintroduce into common parlance I think “dolt” would be on the top of my list. I also like them calling people the following: Fools, ignoramuses, chattel, insignificant specks.

3) I remember the Jonah Hex of the future comics. Well, I remember one that my friend had where he fought these guys who drove large wheels or maybe he teamed up with them. It was cool nonetheless and I drew it in my notebooks for about a month after that.

4) I don’t really get what happened to Barry Allen. I know it was a heroic death but it’s like he just ran fast and died. Why didn’t he run around fast and just pull bolts out of the machine until it crumbled? It was cool and all but I was sort of confused. I still hope they keep him dead though. Don’t let me down DC, I’ve heard rumours.

5) Red heads used to sort of freak me out and finding out Lex Luthor is a red head hasn’t done good things for my perceptions.

6) I like big sprawling cross-overs with lots of heroes and villians. I like to be intrigued and introduced to a whack load of people but I like the dialogue to reflect that. After a while I realized that if you’re in the new DCU you’re allowed to feel either helpless, resolved or influenced by Supergirl.

7) I like when heroes and villains are forced to team up and work for a common goal. I’d like to see the repercussions of this sort of thing explored a bit more. Think about someone you can’t stand at school or work then imagine you’re trapped in a burning building with this person. You help each other get out. What happens between the two of you from then on? Now add the ability to shoot lasers from you fingertips and for them to freeze things with their eyes. That’s potential for drama if I've ever seen it. (okay the freezing would help get out of the burning building but that’s all I could come up with right now – gimme a break).

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Jhunt said...

There is awesome dramatic potential in adding a character who can shoot lasers from his fingertips or freeze things with his eyes to virtually any work of fiction. Even Shakespeare would be improved through such a process.