Thursday, October 20, 2005

My girlfriend's reading habits.

I don't really care if she reads comics. She doesn't ask me to read Diana Gabaldon books, I don't ask her to read comics. She says I'll probably like them just like I say she'll probably like Y: the Last Man but that's pretty much it. Neither of us care that we have our own things. We're not zealots who need to convert everyone to our cause. It's kind of sad to think you can only love a mirror image of yourself...why would you do that?

On an interesting note she just ordered what I think is probably the most original combination of genres I've seen in a long time: Undead and Unwed. Vampires and chic lit. Kudos!


James Meeley said...


I don't see trying to get someone to try a comic (or trade) of material that you, as someone close to them, would think they would enjoy, is the actions of a zealot.

Now, I'm not saying tie them down and force their eyes open to read it, but making a suggestion, or perhaps a friendly exchange (i.e. if they try your suggestion, you'll try one of theirs about something they think you'd like) is pretty much just a way of communication.

How often has someone (say a friend of loved one) told to check out a movie, dvd, music cd or restraunt, that they either thought was great, or thought YOU would enjoy? I don't understand, and never will, why it seems so different for folks to recommend comic reading is that same way.

Trying to share the joy of comics is something any fan should want to do, not feel is a burden or the actions of a zealot. It's all in the delivery, my friend. Do it in a respectful or fun way and I'm sure you can avoid such a stigma. :)

joncormier said...

Hey, if anyone asks you about it - make suggestions please. If anyone shows a sign of interest in any medium and they ask for advice be encouraging. I just don't think we need to make converts out of people who don't express an interest simply because they are in our lives.

I'm seeing a lot of "try this underhanded ludvigo technique on your loved ones to get them to read comics" all over the net these days. I just think it's silly. It's like trying to make everyone vegetarians or to make vegetarians eat meat. It makes no sense to me even if I really like steak and tofu.

Hey, know any good restaurants James? :)