Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wednesday’s Loot

I want to point your attention to my previous post called "Day Late and a Dollar Short." I've got a little question that needs answering. I've bolded it so you don't have to read the whole post.

This week is a very light week for me. Only 3 issues caught my interest. It could just be that I went during my lunch-break and they were a bit overwhelmed at the shop so were still unpacking. So here’s the quick first impressions.

JLA Classified #11 – I gave up halfway through the last run even though the characters were in hell. I have a fascination with fictional versions of hell and especially anthropomorphic Death (also known as the Grim Reaper). I wrote a few papers on the idea so it’s odd that I gave up on that last run just when Power Girl and Guy Gardner go to hell to rescue the Super Buddies. I started fresh with #10 and am liking the story so far as it progresses into #11. I guess the big attraction to this series for me is that if a story arc doesn’t appeal to me, I don’t feel the need to buy it. I like to see the JLA acting like the JLA instead of a bunch of knuckle draggers who continue to draw lines in the sand amongst themselves. I get enough of that in my daily job to want to read about it for entertainment but that shouldn’t stop anyone else from doing so. Still, while I like this issue I still feel like I’m waiting for the story to get going. I’m almost considering to just wait for the trade on this so I can just read the story in one sitting but I think I’ve got enough interest to keep up with this story arc as it comes out. We’ll see how I feel when issue #12 hits the stands.

I rate this book: The end of Act I, I think (hope).

Powers #12 – 64 pages that I can’t complain about. I’m really enjoying the circular dialogue page. I like a good cop story and a good superhero story so I’m liking this series. This is the first story arc I’ve read and I feel like I should go pick up the older trades. They are on that imaginary list I’m keeping. I have a feeling people who have been with the series for a while now are starting to feel a bit bored with it – hey, there’s only so many Law & Order episodes before you feel like you’ve seen the stories once before. It doesn’t mean they’re bad they’ve just nailed down a formula that works. I feel like this story arc is one of those “changes the lives of the characters forever” spiels so it makes me want to go read stuff that didn’t change their lives forever so I can know the characters a bit more.

I rate this book: Enjoyable

Solo – Jordi Bernet – I still don’t know what my feelings are on this one. I read Jordi’s biography at the end and felt like that was one of the most interesting stories. I don’t mean that to sound cold or rude because I like this issue I’m just not sure why. It is definitely pretty to look at and the short story format is fun. I think what’s not sitting well with me is that I’m left wanting more from all these stories. That is never a bad thing with me. I’ll need to read this again and digest it a bit more. Wow, unintentional pun on the first story. Cool.

I rate this book: Pretty to Look At and A Nice Break From Capes Even if Batman Makes an Appearance.

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