Monday, August 29, 2005

Apparently the internet is mending itself

I used to believe that a thousand chimps at a thousand typewriters could recreate the greatest works of literature. The internet has proved me wrong.

Apparently a lot of people are upset about superhero comics, but a lot of us aren’t. For instance Beaucoup Kevin, Comics.212, Focused Totality, and Near Mint Heroes. Jim Roeg over at Double Articulation does a great job of just examining his relationship to the medium. Sit back, make sure you have some free time, and read through it and try to do the same for yourself. You’ll find you actually do have things to say that are positive. And he's my only reader. Go Jim!

So, today, no griping allowed on the internet. Unless you are in a hurricane. Shit-storms don't count.

So let us all get on with the positive and start enjoying ourselves again. If you are only happy when you are angry, well you'll have to just suck it up and put on a happy face today.


Mark Fossen said...

Jim's not your only reader!

James Meeley said...

That's right, you've also got me. Just becuase Jim and I share a name don't make us the same person. ;)

Seriously, I agree that we need to pull back from the negative stuff and focus on some good vibes.

Shane Bailey said...

I find it funny that I just dusted off an old post and we're still talking about the same things.

joncormier said...

Hey, this is great stuff. I have a few viewers/readers. I'm still new to this whole gig so I'm finding it hard to guage what I'm doing. So I'm making the assumption that "comments=readers." My bad.

Jon Silpayamanant said...

I'm skimming right now.