Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'm already missing deadlines.

Well, work has been insane so I haven't had a chance to pop open the covers of these books yet, except Omac. All I can say is when did Colossus become a woman with pink eye? Otherwise I more or less enjoyed it. I'm a fan of "poison the well" stories. Most times the bad guy gets stopped trying to poison a city's water supply only this time it happened and now what? I sort of feel like nanobots are becoming the latest Deus Ex Machina though. I like the image we're left with and I'm hoping we see Batman back in this series to wrap it up because having him left on the sidelines doesn't seem to work for me. He's not even really dectecting, he's just sort of "instant messaging" with Brother Eye. I guess I'm more conflicted with this story than I initially thought. I like parts but others just drew me out of the story.

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