Monday, August 22, 2005

Lame attempt to make friends

Okay, to add some meat to this thing and hopefully bring in a few more people, like anyone besides myself, here’s my response to Tegan @ Bloggity Blog-Blog-Blog’s list-o-blogs meme.

In alphabetical order:

The Absorbascon. I like the rungs of villainy creature feature. Then Batman gets his clock cleaned for like 20 posts. Funny if you like that sort of humour.

The Comic Asylum. Lists off the 10 Best Battles which is good if you like lists. Personally, if I had to make a list of things I didn’t like it would look like this:
1. Lists.
I know that isn’t funny, but I posted it anyway. This blog is good for us newbies looking for someone’s opinion on individual issues that were enjoyed instead of an artist’s run on a series or an overarching story event to collect in back issues.

Double Articulation. Super long reviews. Good for us who can’t afford everything we would like to get and don’t have time for a flip-through. It’s also a good way to look into a series you haven’t checked out yet. Also Jim is a fellow Canadian so support your own.

The Great Curve. I put this on the list because it has a History of Oracle feature for us relative newbies. There’s also a long Q&A with Becky Cloonan, who’s Demo is on my list of future purchases (it’s a long list) so this is a neat intro to her work for me.

Lady, That’s My Skull. Best mission statement ever. Also, all the blogs I already knew about have chosen this one so I couldn’t be left out. Okay, sarcasm is really hard to write. This blog can do it better than I can because there is an obvious love of the material. It’s a bit of a walk down memory lane only wishing you knew then what you know now. Plus snark.

RIOT comics + culture. First, the name intreagued me then I found out this is a retailer’s perspective. Not only that, a retailer trying to promote more than just superhero comics. If I’m ever in Camp Hill, PA I’ll stop in for a book.

Snark Free Waters. I really appreciate this title. To me, this is a fresh breath in the current state of affairs where there is a lot of, um, ire at the current state of superhero comics. I like this one, even if it top five lists of … I appreciate getting people’s perspective on things when they aren’t spitting bile.

Spoilt! Reviews and spoilers. This is good if you like reviews and spoilers. Again, I think it’s a good resource for newbies to get aquainted with comics they may not pick up. Just remember to take everything with a grain of salt – especially my advice.

Suspension of Disbelief. Besides being one of the terms I’ve used during my university days this is a term that never really made sense to me. Doesn’t it just mean believe? Anyway, there’s more than you ever wanted to know about archery here. Is the Green Arrow really that bad? I’ve enjoyed what I read.

Zilla and the Comics Junkies. I really appreciate the First Six Months Back reviews. They do it better than I am, but that’s the idea was hoping to plug into for this site. Here’s part 1, part 2 and part 3. There is more here than I get a chance to absorb, and I see a lot of my choices in the list. So, of course I'll recommend this site.


Jim Roeg said...

Hi Jon--welcome to blogland, and thanks for including me in your collection (I dare not call it a "list"!) of blog sites. Your blog has a great title--I also really like the clean design. Looking forward to your future posts!

James Meeley said...

Thanks for the plug, dude.

The 10 Greatest Battles Ever list was just a fun little thing I came up with on a lark. You are right in that I did it (at least in part) to point out a few sinle issues that I thought were a lot of fun and floks might want to check out.

Of course, I also try to bring in thing to make you think, too, like my recent piece about why the sales of Marvel's Ultimate line of annuals isn't as much a surpise as some think.

I try to bring fun and positivity to the comic realm, but I'll also talk about stuff that I feel is important for, and wrong with, the industry.

Thanks for stopping by. I see you are pretty new, but I've added you to my favorite places. I'll be checking back with you, I'm sure. Thanks again.

joncormier said...

Right on, two whole visitors! I'm hoping this bodes well for the future.

I'll be adding this collection to my links on to the side. And I can't take credit for the design, it's a template from I'll have to come up with rewards for posting here first. I'm thinking one FREE comic from the twenty-five cents bin (that's like a dime American).