Tuesday, August 23, 2005

More Shameless Self-Promotion

Okay, so two people have at least stopped by. Thanks, Jim and James. I’m glad to see that but I may have to make a rule about your name beginning with J to access this site. So here’s my plan. Free $1.00 comics to the both of you. I’ll e-mail you both to get addresses for delivery. These selections are totally at random, so I can’t guarantee you’ll enjoy them and it's against the rules to refuse them. I’m also thinking of making this a way for me to get a bit more information from the existing community.

So, starting next Monday I’ll start posting little questions that the first comment I get will receive a free $1.00 comic. I’m thinking of questions along the lines of, if there is one original graphic novel that you can recommend me to buy, what would it be and why? Or, what revamped property is worth checking out? I’m coming up with the list and these two questions won’t be on it. I think this will be a fun little social experiment. And I encourage everyone who reads this to come and make recommendations.

1 comment:

Jim Roeg said...

Hey Jon--Canada Post loves you. Seriously though, you're way too kind, but if you send it, I'll review it!