Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 13 September 2006

52 Week 19
Okay, I love evil Skeets almost as much as the advertisement for Skeetles Candy. And I'm pleased with the space faring adventure as well. Again, another part of a long story that opens up some fun and interesting story potential for the next arc in the year long stories. Yes, I'm finding it hard to write reviews of comics I like. Shut up it's been raining here for two days and without the sun to power my brain I'm helpless. Rain is like my Kryponite or water to the wicked witch of the west.
I rate this comic: The only one that kept my interest for this week.

Yes, I've dropped Aquaman and DMZ. I'm trying to minimalize my expenses and 52 is the one book that is guaranteed to be decent week in and week out. And I'm probably one of few comic fans who isn't reading it to simply see when DC will cack it all up. I think it's one of few comics these days that actually captures the old school feeling a lot of people yearn for. It's not perfect and it has human errors but it's fun and on time generally with a bit of a back story (yes I'm counting these profiles as back stories). I did enjoy DMZ quite a bit and think it was just hitting its stride so I'm glad to have left it on a high note and, well, Aquaman was always sort of on the verge although I did quite enjoy it as well. Finances rule these day.

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