Monday, September 25, 2006

How I want Civil War to End

With the last issue of Civil War now on everyone's radar (sometime in summer 2007) I've started to wonder how it will all end. Besides it being the longest summer event ever. Hey, two summers wouldn't be too bad - I'm sure there's a record or something there, maybe a "no prize."

Here's 10 ways I want it to end:

1) Luke Cage just punches everyone in the throat until they shut up and limp off back to their regular lives.

2) Iron Man and Cpt. America kiss.

3) Tony Stark drunk under a lamp-post.

4) She-Hulk or The Vision joins the Fantastic Four.

5) Spider-man moves to Quebec and has to deal with the conflicts between language and culture.

6) Massive cross-over with Ultimate Hulk v. Wolverine.

7) The Beyonder saying "ignore that man behind the curtain."

8) President Clor, or at least Governor of California Clor.

9) All the heroes band together to fight the true threat to life on this planet - Global Warming (or drugs).

10) The Punisher gets married to Electra.

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