Friday, September 08, 2006

Wednesday’s Loot – 06 September 2006

...presented on Friday.

52 Week 18
Some of the best opening credits yet in this series. I love the play on “House of Mystery” as well. Ralph’s story has definitely taken a turn I wasn’t expecting and I do hope it lives up to more of its potential than the whole Cult of Conner which seemed the only misstep so far in the series. I’m also looking forward to see what happens with the Black Adam and Isis/Question and Montoya team-up.
I rate this comic: Solid stuff.

Agents of Atlas #2
This is your general second issue in a miniseries. The plot moves forward a little bit more as we’re introduced to “the team” and given character moments to help establish each of them. It’s exactly what I was hoping to get. How often does one get to say that when reading comics?
I rate this comic: Best space-toilet joke EVER.

Detective Comics #823
Dini gives us another fantastic done in one issue of a comic that took the stripped down approach to new and wonderful levels. I simply love these stories that take the same approach the writers took towards the animated series and give it to us, a more mature audience, as pure storytelling goodness. I think what I appreciate most about Dini’s work in these three issues so far is that he’s dropping in new ideas and characters in a manner not seen in a long long time. Sure Hush is new, but these new rogues are introduced and “dispatched” in one issue. So if response is negative you’re not saddled with five more issues revolving around compost-character X. Fun stuff indeed, and I realize I miss this type of story simply because I’ve completely forgotten about it and how well it can be done.
I rate this comic: The alternative for done in one goodness if you’re getting tired of Jonah Hex.

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