Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Last Wednesday's Loot - 30 August 2006

I'm almost back on track. In the meantime this is a fast and dirty recap of what I bought last week and maybe one complete sentence on each.

Ah the space bound. I like Animal Man and I've always thought I'd like Adam Strange so having them together is like old sci-fi fun to me. I know a lot of people are ragging on Adam's eyes reappearing every now and again, well to me this is like when Superman's boot was yellow in a panel or Thor was purple. It's like old time comics because they're keeping a tight schedule. It's something I appreciate and, quite frankly, enjoy more than a late comic.

All-Star Superman
Great Clark Kent action and a creepy Luthor, not because he's evil but because he's evil in shorts he stole off a Hooter's waitress in a maximum security prison. I like these toned down episodes as much as the smashy-smashy.

Evil side-kicks and a great meta-texual moment about Aquaman not being seen at his full potential.

This was just fucking weird.

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