Thursday, September 14, 2006

Slightly Negative Reviews

Billy Hazelnuts by Tony Millionaire

I have to admit that I don’t understand all the praise this book has on the back cover. I do quite like the art. I’m a fan of simple line work and the woodcut look to shading reminiscent of Crumb’s comix but the story is a fly-by-night affair. A mouse made golem with a bad attitude gets into a few random adventures. My favorite part, outside the classic look to the artwork, was the pirate ship. That thing was pretty cool but not enough of an idea to make me heap glowing praise on it.

Salamander Dream by Hope Larson

As much as I like to support Canada’s cutest comic book couple I couldn’t finish reading this book. I liked the art a heck of a lot but it’s simply not my thing. I would have thought it was brilliant when I was twenty and probably have given it to my girlfriend back then but it doesn’t speak to me, as I am these days. I wanted to like it but found I couldn’t and now I feel a bit of shame because I want to support Hope Larson and encourage people to read her stuff. I did look at each and every page though because it's beautiful.

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