Friday, March 30, 2007

Word of the Week x 2

You get a double dose of vocab today because I haven't really read any comics this week other than the floppies I picked up. Oh yeah, Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #9 is probably one of the best comics printed by Marvel in recent memory. I just haven't had the chance to sit down and open the trade I picked up or the library trades I have.

Anyway, you get two words today because I found one, then needed to look up the second for the first to make sense - and all examples will be Batman addressing Robin from now on.

Microbiophotometer – an instrument for measuring the growth of bacterial cultures by the turbidity of the medium.

– cloudiness of a solution caused by the scattering of light by colloidal particles or by suspended precipitate or sediment.

Comic book example: Robin, quick, get this sewer water-sample to the bat-cave and run it through the microbiophotometer. The turbidity of this water makes me think our old acquaintance Clayface didn't dissipate the way we thought he did when he fell into the water treatement plant's mainline. But I'd like scientific confirmation before I contact the commissioner.


Jason said...

They really need to give Karl: Inept Agent of AIM his own series.

joncormier said...

No, I think he should just be a recurring character in this one. They could do an issue that follows him and his relationship to the Avengers.