Monday, March 12, 2007

Word of the Week

In my new job I'm coming across a lot of new words and terms that should be used in comic books. I hope to keep this new feature going as long as I come across new words. Also, I used "dudity: mail nudity" in my e-mail with friends when planning our schedules to go see 300 and that became the word of the week last week. So blame my friends for encouraging and inspiring me.

Armamentarium: the equipment of a practitioner or institution, including books, instruments, medicines, and surgical appliances.

Comic book usage: "Later that evening, below Wayne Manor, billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne explores his armamentarium for his Batman cowl infused with herbicides for his inevitable clash with Poison Ivy.

1 comment:

Scipio said...

Anything that ends in "-arium" is a place.

An armamentarium is not weaponry, but rather the place where weaponry is stored.