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Wednesday's Loot - 14 March 2004

52 Week 45
I really like the relationship among the Marvels and the Black Marvels that has been established in this series. And the scene with Black Adam and Montoya was actually quite touching. The whole set up with Black Adam returning to form as the despot hovering over people has really been handled well, when it looked like it could go off the rails at any point. I mean, there was even a death that wasn’t overly rendered. Restraint sometimes works better. And Waller has what I think is the best introductory line ever “The New Suicide Squad need to be one hundred strong…” Seriously, that’s like Shakespeare to me. And the ending with Dr. Sivana was also classic villainy.
I rate this comic: One of my favourite issues of 52.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 #1

Yes, I’m a Buffy fan and it all happened well after the show was no longer on the air. Long story. For me this is basically G.I. Buffy, which I’m fine with, oddly. I can relive two things I don’t watch anymore – GI Joe and Buffy, although I’m not big on the X-treme Buffy approach it opens with. That being said, the conflict they set up with the US Army is actually quite clever, but that’s what I’m told Joss Whedon is good at - clever. This has got all the trappings of the TV show with the little quips and the hip-geek talk. If you know the characters and know the show it works really well. I do wonder what someone who hasn’t watched the show would think of this though? For me I can’t separate my enjoyment from my completist attitude on this one. My wife might actually read this as well so at least I can get an outsider’s opinion on it. I mean she told me last weekend that she just had no interest in comics after we had a chat about Wonder Woman. She likes the movies, the characters, TV shows and whatnot, but no interest in the medium, so it’ll be interesting to see if she reads it and to find out what she thinks.
I rate this comic: Basically Buffy with an unlimited budget but a bit too X-treme.

On a side note, I have to say the ad campaign for DC Countdown is quite good. I really like it and even put the "Jimmy Olsen Must Die" wallpaper on my home computer.

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