Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 06 December 2006

Well the end of the year is rapidly approaching and I'm apparently buying more comics.

52 Week 31
Okay Cpt. Comet? Ew. Just ew. I'm pretty sure people are right about Booster Gold and Supernova. And I did enjoy Ralph's part of the story this week. I'm a sucker for detective stories with mystical helmet sidekicks I guess. Plus, I'm telling you people - repeatedly - Ralph and helmet are the parallel to Booster and Skeets. Why do you think it was him talking to Supernova? Otherwise the entire space battle as a setup for the next installment of the space bound heroes was quite clever in my book. I guess they've teamed up with Akron's head now. I do like that their story went from castaways to one big-bad head chasing them while relying on an outsider to being faced with gruesomely powerful almost insurmountable odds. And the bug-dude Green Lantern earring = brilliant flourish.
I rate this comic: A decent Sci-fi battle and other creepiness/setups.

Agents of Atlas #5
Another fun issue of a really great team based book. This is the issue where the team throws the smackdown on each other then makes up. I like this team a lot, Parker has a great sense of character dialogue and interaction. If you haven't been buying these get the trade when it's out or better yet, seek the back issues. It'll be a great read for your flight home to spend time with the family. And it'll show you that talking gorillas, aliens and robots wouldn't make your family gatherings more fun they would just add explosions which are deadly in real life.
I rate this comic: Still fantastic, if not getting better.

Manhunter #26
I'm glad I managed to get this after getting #25 so long ago. I thought I may have missed an issue or two but "yay!" Again, why the fuck wasn't I reading this before? This really is the series for me. Clever dialogue that is self aware, separate and distinct characters that act and sound like individuals with interesting plots. Tell me you didn't snicker when Kate asks why the courts waited over a year to get to this point? The relationship with Wonder Woman is something I like as well. She should be a tutor. Makes sense that she should help a sister out. I do wish I had read more than just this issue and the last issue because I don't really know anything about any of the characters (other than the fact they're well written). I'm on for the long haul here folks. And that preview should cause some general pants defiling for the fans of that guy.
I rate this comic: Exactly the type of comic I like.

Detective Comics #826
Some dodgy art aside this was the best issue of Robin I've ever read! What? This was... ah, damn. Okay, best issue of Detective that focusses on Robin I've read in a long time. I think Dini should put on classes about writing Joker stories. The Joker is unbelievably disturbing in this issue but his antics hit the evil funny bone for me at least. And that punch to the teeth was just nasty of Robin. Damn, that kid got cold. I do think "going Batman on his ass" should be used more often but with the whole gay subtext and generally homophobic jokes at their expense, having Robin deliver the line is kind of unfortunate, or brilliant. I can't decide. Still, this was a great Holiday story even if I couldn't tell that was Dick Grayson or Bruce Wayne.
I rate this comic: My surprising Holiday Special.

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