Friday, December 15, 2006

The Couriers + A Challenge for the Unknown

Couriers Vol. 1
Read Brian Wood and Rob G's The Couriers last night. Damn that was good comics. It was a mixture of comic book goodness, crazy ass action, insane story, kinetic energy and teen movie. So, yes, I liked it and wonder why I haven't read it before now.

Challenge for the Unknown
Since it's my last day in the office before my holiday vacation - yep, I'm taking a week to myself next week before going to Halifax where I may run in to Canada's cutest comic book couple Brian Lee O'Malley and Hope Larson or maybe Darwyn Cooke - I've decided to spend my time for the betterment of humanity. That's right I'm going to try and write a 22 page comic book story instead of doing any work. I guess it'll be my first foray into the realms of Fan Fic. And since my job basically sucks like a leech and nobody knows what I should be doing or what I can do I've decided to swing my career into Fanfic high-gear. It's ten minutes to nine right now, so if some poor soul is reading this with their morning coffee leave a comment on who I should take on. I'm willing to try any character that will result in some minor copyright violation or maybe I'll go my own route instead of being such a fanboy... only time will tell.

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