Monday, December 11, 2006

Holiday Balls

Hello everyone. Since Marvel released their version of cut-out Christmas tree baubles I figured it was time to make our own. Let's see if you can predict what will happen in Civil War and the fall out in cut out circular form. Please make your own Christmas-tree bauble that predicts something that will happen in the Marvel Universe and I'll compile a list of links. I'd offer to post an image but I tend to have trouble getting images posted here on the best of days.

I predict two things: The Punisher will kick Spider-man so hard he'll change the spelling of his name to Spiderman since it'll be easier than correcting the internet usage.

I also predict a Hercules and Ghost Rider team up, perhaps as The Champions.

That kick was lifted from
Chris's ISB who does a better job of finding kicks to the general head-facial area in comics, than I could ever dream possible. The second one I'm not too sure where I found it but let me know and I'll link you.

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