Monday, July 17, 2006

Wonder Twins Powers, Activate!

In the hopes that someone reading this is living in the Chicago area, please note that Gescheidle gallery is currently hosting Wonder Twins Powers, Activate! To take directly from the text in that link "This exhibit includes selected artists from across the globe who experiment in all media to create works that are aesthetically charged, and reference symmetry and metamorphosis. All the artists explore double troubles, science fiction, fantasy, blurred realities and inner visions. " There is even an online preview here.

And all this time you thought Wendy and Marvin we sort of lame, and at best the Teen Titans' house sitters. Finally someone has discovered the deeper meaning where none was assumed. I hope next year they do something based around the theme "Super Friends" or at least Aquaman's seahorse.

I totally ripped all this information off from the much cooler, Coolhunting. With a name like that you know it's much cooler than this site.

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