Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Random thoughts for Tuesday

Ghost Rider would be much cooler if he had a white motorcycle with a horse's skull strapped to the front and his bike had a horse skeleton motif. I’d hear Johnny Cash whenever I saw that.

The Phantom Lady actually has a figure. Sure, she’s still cheesecake but at least she isn’t a waif in the new solicits. Look at her thighs… (Okay that’s the saddest thing I ever wrote here, I promise not to do that anymore).

I’d like to see Dick Grayson and Tim Drake invite the Teen Titans over to Wayne Manor for a pool party and drinks when Bruce is away on business. I would if I had access to that place if only to hook up an X-box 360 to the big screen on the Bat-Computer.

I think there should be a black and white issue of Birds of Prey called Birds of Grey. It could be about a blizzard or something.

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