Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 26 July 2006

If you haven't read all these books then be warned, I spoil plots sometimes.

Godland #12
Well that was certainly an ending wasn’t it? Again, I can’t say enough good things about this comic. It’s the perfect blend of old-school for a modern audience. It’s groovy cosmic fun. I’ll miss it while it’s on hiatus, but I’m thankful the creators had the decency to tell us in advance that there would be a delay instead of just letting us wait blindly like, say, Ultimate Hulk v. Wolverine. I love everything from the dialogue to the bright colours to the fantastic layouts in this issue. Heck, I feel like Lady Liberty on the cover and will shed a tear for this time away from Godland.
I rate this comic: A very satisfying cliff-hanger of an ending with enough fun to make up for anything you didn’t like this month.

JLA: Classified #25
Okay, so that ended. I liked the whole Royal Flush Gang using Tarot cards and the fortune telling bit was quite clever. But all in all I don’t really know why I kept buying this story. Oh well. I should have stuck with Green Lantern Corps I guess. And the previews show that this is the series where the JLA can’t interfere in global matters, it’s like the theme of the classified series I guess.
I rate this story: A decent Vibe moment in the end.

52 Week 12
Okay Montoya and The Question is still an intriguing mystery. Black Adam’s story is quite fascinating as well although that repeated dialogue from his woman friend would be a little annoying – it was bound to happen wasn’t it. Forget the broken elbow cast, this doubly placed dialogue is a bit of gaff. Still I’m not more than curious about the whole scarab symbolism no doubt about to connect Isis to the Blue Beetle. Crazy Billy is a grand idea but the whole Elongated Man sequence seems a bit, well, silly. I’d be a bit pissed if some alien teenager robbed me of my dead wife’s clothes and wedding ring for a “trial run” at resurrecting someone. And in two pages Mark Waid and Adam Hughes make me forget about the History of the DCU.
I rate this story: A decent advance in 52 with great character moments and interesting setups.

Batman #655
I thought the relaunch and Dini’s Detective story were good. This improves on all the goodness that has been happening to Batman and Bruce Wayne of late. Morrison has hit his stride with recompressing his storytelling. Oddly he manages to hit to the core of Batman in a manner that feels as fresh as his take on the laid back Superman in ASS. He’s trying to have fun and learn to be a regular guy again but of course there’s the international mystery involving the daughter of a more or less undying eco-terrorist who discovered his identity and seems to have Bruce’s son and an army of ninja-man-bats. Plus there’s a crowd shot of Bono and a Godzilla like creature in formaldehyde which are the attentions to detail that make a good story great.
I rate this story: Improving on an already improved longstanding character.

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