Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 5 July 2006

I've managed to reduce my pulls this week to three. I decided to give Gail Simone's Atom a miss, even after I promised to buy it and she posted here and everything. It's not for lack of interest or anything, it's a purely financial move on my part. I just can't spend as much as I have been on comics. So I also gave Detective Comics a miss this week even though I like Dini's stuff from the Animated Series. I'm going to stick with Morrison's Batman for my fix of the caped crusader. It was a tough call. I guess my mind has changed a bit on a few things. Like jumping on points are just as easily jumping off points, unfortunately. Basically this financial situation I'm in is the same reason why I haven't picked up Manhunter or X-Factor yet even though I'm thoroughly interested in both. I guess they'll completely depend on which week I buy them.

On to the corporate whoredom:

Last Planet Standing #5
Wow that was all kinds of fun. There’s a big goofy ending that I kind of like, merging two cosmic beings into a creation of hope and rebirth. The only thing I wished there was more of is Thor hitting things with his hammer. This was a fabulous series that is completely self-contained, pounds upon pounds of fun, some great character pieces and a satisfying ending. All that and it came out pretty much instantaneously for a comic these days. There’s a reason this is my only Marvel purchase of late.
I rate this story: How I want more mini-series, not all, just more.

Secret Six #2
More focus on some villainous villains here. They hit the torture beat and then there’s the Pulp Fiction type of “humour” throughout. They’re nasty and mean but they’re still people. Noble deeds done ignobly, or something like that. The only things I wasn’t huge on was the whole lesbian bondage monologue. But I’m into neither so that might just be why. It seemed a bit extraneous.
I rate this story: A story about villainous villains who are willing to cut out your heart of gold and make sarcastic comments to you before you hit the floor dead.

52 Week 9
The newly resurrected zombie Batwoman makes a costumed appearance in one of the best issues of 52 yet. This one had some smackdown action between Steel and his daughter with Luthor being the evil plotting villain that he is. The lost in space heroes’ situation is explored a bit more with some decent foreboding action on that front. And then we’re treated to some great moments between The Question and Renee Montoya, with both of them dressed down for the sultry Gotham summer nights. I think they got rid of Batwoman’s high-heels from the last image.
I rate this story: A few moments we’ve been waiting for.

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