Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 15 March 2006

I caved and bought the Showcase Presents Superman Family collection. I figured it's cheaper and less hassle than getting the Jimmy Olsen comics from e-bay. Although the lack of colour and dated advertisements is a bit of a shame.

Here's the rest of the best:

JLA Classified #18
This is still roaring along even if I don't remember much about the General and some elite squad sent to kill him but caught bullets in their heads. The JLA bits are fantastic. I like that Batman and Superman are more like respectful competitors rather than polar assholes, I mean opposites. Superman is sort of an unintentional jerk because he's concerned about his colleagues who don't have super powers whereas Batman is self confident and doesn't mind pointing out how he's not helpless. I sort of expect this Batman to go home to a room full of stuffed big game animal heads to drink scotch and smoke cigars. He sits around with his feet on the JLA board room table - how freaking arrogant is that? Plus, Wonder Woman makes doughnuts and Batman is the first to jump in and eat one. I'm hoping that DC is holding off on the Showcase Presents Batman volume for the Batman Begins sequel when there is further interest in the property - because if this is the Batman you'll find in those stories the world will shine a bit brighter. Cherubs will decend and bless that collection and we will all feast on ale. Or we'll just buy it and read it and then make some rather out of context comments about how silly our sad little lives are.
I rate this story: Still the best JLA series out there. Wait, it's the only JLA series out there. No I'm not counting the JLU comic, bite me.

DMZ #5
Matty gets robbed and chases the robber across New York. I've been enjoying this series and I do like it but it's on the chopping block for no reason other than I get it. I know what's going on so I don't really feel compelled to get any more. I feel about this series like I do about Ex Machina. It's good but not groin grabbinly good to quote Homer Simposon.
I rate this story: A good done in one issue for anyone who wants to check this series out.

Batman Year 100 #2
Paul Pope. Batman. I like both. I like this comic. I like the mystery in it. I like the visuals of it.
I rate this comic: Totally fucking wicked


Jhunt said...
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Jhunt said...

I want that Superman Family phonebook so bad I can taste it. And it tastes like wonderful, wonderful cheese.

I stand by my contention that the Superman Showcase volume was the single greatest thing I bought last year. possibly even including the engagement ring that my fiance is currently wearing.

Just don't tell her.

joncormier said...

I'll have to read the book and compare for myself...although it was a nice ring I bought as well.