Monday, March 20, 2006

Death and the blogger

I'm not sure but I think I have a fatal chest cold. It feels rather bad and I'm certain I'm on the brink of death. Either way, I'm not at work with good reason.

I didn't go see V for Vendetta this weekend, but I did buy the book. I plan on reading it only after I see the movie. So go look for snark and reviews about the movies somewhere else. I think I'll like it.

Today does mean I get to read more of the Showcase Presents: Superman collection. I do love this book. I really miss Jimmy Olsen but that's probably because I don't buy Superman comics. I love how he gets knocked unconcious by picture frames. I mean, I have pictures in my house and they're all framed. We have some that are rather large paintings with glass coverings but unless I'm sitting on the floor they won't ever hit me in the head. Who hangs a painting that high up a wall? Who is he the BFG? And how the hell did it KO him? My pictures would have to dropped of a fourth storey balcony to do that kind of damage. Maybe it was made of lead? I also love how he dreams Superman will solve the nation's debt by FINDING PIRATE TREASURE. If only we had the Olsen party like the British have the Monster Raving Loony Party and Canada used to have the Rhino Party (since politicians, by nature, are "thick-skinned, slow-moving, dim-witted, can move fast as hell when in danger, and have large, hairy horns growing out of the middle of their faces).


Brian Cronin said...

How, by the by, was Chuck Austen able to write such a good Jimmy Olsen?

Ragnell said...

I guess we're opposites, then. I bought the V for Vendetta book, and am planning on reading it before I see the move.

joncormier said...

BC: What's the deal with Chuck Austen? I can't tell if people really hate him or if they like him but pretend to hate him in a sarcastically funny way?

Ragnell: I'm by no means a fiction purist (book is always better person) but I generally like the books of movie adaptations better simply because they can go into more detail. It's just how the mediums are different. I'm a HUGE Hitch-Hikers' Guide to the Galaxy fan. I wrote my first thesis on it, and I actually liked the movie unlike a lot of others. There's lots of other examples here (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is very different in both forms but really good in both, whereas League of Extrodinary Gentlemen was a horrendous experience on film).