Friday, March 17, 2006

Cool Shit

Okay I've decided this isn't a family friendly site. I want to type like I speak dammit and if parents aren't constantly hovering over their kids making the child's life a living hell then I just worry about the moral fiber of that parent, or kid. I don't remember where that was going, I have a head cold that I think is killing me.

So here's some cool shit I saw in comics recently (or related somehow to comics):

1) Elvis Green Lantern in Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #5. He's in the big spread on the right.

2) Batman chillaxin' in JLA: Classified #18. He so needs a beer.

3) Wonder Woman with a plate of homemade doughnuts in JLA: Classified #18. And Batman hitting on her because of it. He is so "da man" in this comic.

4) Cordellia mentions planet Mogo in an episode of Angel I watched on DVD last night - I set of geek alarms when I pointed it out to Allison.

5) This Robot is Trained to Smash Your Camera on a robot chasing Jimmy Olsen and the Daily Planet running the headline No Trace of Dinosaurs Found on Mysterious Island in the same story.

6) Realizing that John Stewart is not a great character because he's so well balanced, but is probably one of the few superheroes I'd want watching my back at any moment in time because he never seems to lose it. That guy is a rock. I guess he's just a bit of a wasted character more than a bad one. I think he's one of those - crap this guy is too well balanced for us to really do anything with him characters. It makes any real conflict introduced into his life seem tacked on.

7) The key to the fortress of solitude is meant to look like a directional marker for planes... because radar and automatic pilots don't work in freezing cold temperatures? And where did all this land in the Arctic come from? I'm thinking if there's land, there's probably the occassional Inuit hunter who would stumble across a giant arrow key and be suspicious.

8) Buffy the Vampire Slayer is more like Spiderman than even Spiderman, except for Ultimate Spiderman.

9) I bet having a Nintendo in the JLA Headquarters would have sucked. Especially if they had the Track and Field game where you had to keep pressing ABABABABABAB and you got put against Flash or Superman. I'm thinking that's why they never had any other video game setups - that and the whole saving the world on a regular basis thing. But think about it for a second - you're on the moon or in a satelite orbiting the earth with the best hi-fi set up EVER CREATED. You're telling me Blue Beetle and Booster Gold never once smoked a fatty and hooked up a Playstation?

I wish I worked at the Daily Planet. I could write stories about how people aren't 20 feet tall today or how you can't eat plutonium on Fridays and I could work on my Gorilla fighting skills.

I also realize that I may get some demerit points for being a comic bloggermonger and not owning a scanner. Le sigh.


kalinara said...

Elvis was awesome.

And I agree about John really. He *is* the one best suited to watch your back. Unfortunately it means he's an idea supporting character, but not easily a lead. :-(

I think there was an issue of JLI where Batman yelled at someone for playing video games on the monitor. It looked like a fairly simplistic one.

But you know Ted Kord made some fantastic games while on monitoring duty up there. Best Neverwinter Nights modules ever! :-P

joncormier said...

That's freaking hilarious! I loved Neverwinter Nights, even if I never got around to finishing it. I got stuck then started playing online. Well, more like created a bunch of characters and moved on, online.

Steven said...

Welcome to the Work Week had Wally and Kyle chilling in front of the big screen watching Luis Guzman playing Jim Gordon, and Wally and Kyle played Rock-Em Sock-Em robots in JLA 5.

But it's canon that speedsters literally burn through video games, leaving an unpleasent melted plastic smell behind. I'm guessing the guy with a super-sense of smell banned video games right quick.