Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Second in a Series

Here's the second comic book blogger I've sketched in about a minute or five. Mike Sterling of Progressive Ruin. I find myself reading less and less comic book blogs these days but Mr. Sterling will always have something interesting to say, and when he doesn't there is something fun. If only more actual superhero comics were like that. So what are you doing here, go read his musings on the retail side, the industry itself or something about the death of Superman.

Marvel at my inability to capture the likeness of a human being. Next time I'll just go for something completely abstract.


Blockade Boy said...

"Marvel at my inability to capture the likeness of a human being."

Nonsense! This is pretty much how Jason Pearson's stuff used to look, back when he was working over Keith Giffen's layouts in the "Legion of Super-Heroes" comic, in the 90's. And think of how much he developed! (VA-VOOM! ...Sorry, wrong kind of "developed." Well, you know what I mean.)

joncormier said...

I wish I could convey the scale of this miniature book I have. The sketch is about an inch and a half squared (not that I really know what an inch is since I had a metric education).

Thanks for the kind words. I figure these are more fun to sketch for a couple of minutes during lunch than anything else in my office.

Siskoid said...

Yeah that's pretty good. Ever done any mini-comics?

joncormier said...

Sadly, yes. All of them remain unfinished and well lost. I was in high school or really bored during my undergrad.

One was the story of my apendectamy where I met God who was Iggy Pop because of the good painkillers they gave me. That's pretty much as far as I got.