Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Eternals - Briefly

So I was reading the relaunch of The Eternals by Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr when I got to the end and discovered this was only the first half/part of a bigger story. That was disappointing, even moreso than the constant shoe-horning of Iron Man and the Civil War mandated appearances. Although, having the Eternals out dickhead Tony Stark was kind of a nice touch - the did kill an eleven year-old kid afterall.

I never experienced Kirby's version so I have no reference point for comparison here, but I liked what I read which makes the random ending all the more disappointing. This is good comics that sort of ends like someone ripping a band-aid off your scraped elbow, it's just sudden and jarring and you're not too sure it was such a good idea.

Beautiful, beautiful artwork though. I could honestly just open this thing up at random and gaze at the colours on the verge of glowing themselves off the page. This book is luminescent as far as the artwork and coloring is concerned. Fantastic pairing.


plok said...

I read like four of these or so -- totally stoked to read the last two, but...

I never really thought about it: two more doesn't seem like enough time to wind everything up.

So that sucks, because I really like the Gaiman/JRJR take on these characters.

I recommend the Kirby stuff, definitely. It's fun. Big, bright, and noisy. Was a bit of an acquired taste for my teenage self, but...

joncormier said...

I enjoyed it and was caught up in the story and yeah, I realized there wasn't a lot left to the book then BAM, it ended. But it was so engrossing I didn't realize it was almost over until too late, so that more than anything makes me feel slightly cheated.

Also, I thought it was a done and finished mini-series. I guess I'm really not paying attention to the big two anymore. Oh well.