Monday, April 27, 2009

Watchmen - again.

So I've been writing an essay about Watchmen these days and I'm wondering if exploring the idea of fearful symmetry is over done? Part of me feels too many people write about Rorschach and while I think I manage to use the idea of fearful symmetry to create something more than "Rorschach is teh awesome!" I am conscious of focussing on the obvious things in the comic.

What I'm basically trying to tease out of my brain is the idea that the front cover, the text pieces, and some of the main visual metaphors all work together to create a symmetrical form between the comic and the real world. Too much for a general audience?


plok said...

I'd sure read it.

And really, how do you even talk about Watchmen without invoking symmetry?

joncormier said...

Sure, but I feel it's been a bit overblown and maybe overdone. Guess I'll find out soon enough as I need to wrap this us by month's end!!

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plok said...

Hmm, that's funny, I have something to wrap up by month's end too!