Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Not a New Year's Resolution

Hi there ten or so people that remember this was once a blog about comics. It's a new year and I got a new idea. Oh, this will still be about comics and all that but I'm not really buying weekly floppies anymore and haven't for quite some time. Nope, I've been kind of doing this random read through the history and current publications of comics in their trade paperback form or "graphic novel" format. I've not really had any desire to post online for a while then something strange happened this Christmas.

My wife bought me the first trade of Alan Mooe's Saga of the Swamp Thing. And, well, I thought it would be kind of neat to record my thoughts on this book seeing as I've never read it. Mike Sterling is shaking his head in disbelief as are most comic fans, I'd imagine. Don't feel sad, feel glad, let's see where this goes.

This isn't a resolution or anything. I'll try to post some interesting things as often as possible but I'm not going to try to create a daily blog, others do it much better than I. My only real resolution was to try and skate to work as much as possible this winter. The Rideau Canal froze on New Year's Day (although I didn't know until the 3rd because I was cocooned in my house) and I've since started skating to work. I think that makes me the most Canadian comic book blogger online right now, not that it's a contest.

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plok said...

You've got me beat, anyway: heavy snow in Vancouver, the millionaires decline to shovel their sidewalks...my God, I thought we were better than this.

My mother says that when she was young, skating to work on the Rideau was something only poor people did, like eating lobster. Clearly Ottawa improves as Vancouver declines.

And I've never read the Moore Swamp Thing either.

Nice to see you posting!