Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Decompression Project without Orange and Purple Armour

I've managed to read the Ultimate Spider-man collection starring Silver Sable.  I have to say I'm kind of disappointed with the update.  I thought she was a fine enough character and all but where was the ridiculous hair and the purple and orange jumpsuited Wild Pack?  Really, without the gaudy armor it's not The Wild Pack.  Otherwise this was more or less a decent story that didn't try to be something more than just a random encounter in Peter Parker's life as Spider-man.


There's some fun dialogue with the bumbling Wild Pack, a bit of mistaken identity as Peter gets tracked to his school and a great issue that allowed the creative team to do something a bit different when summing up the lives of the triumvirate at the centre of the story.  The little break was well executed and appreciated even if it didn't completely flow with the story – the Ultimate Spider-man epic to this point has more or less followed a similar pattern so anything slightly different is extremely noticeable.  That's not a bad or good thing really, just noticeable in and of itself.


So this was a neat story of how difficult it would be to track down an anonymous superhero.  It won't change your life or explain the world in a new way, but you'll be engaged from start to end and really, there are much worse things in the world.
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