Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wednesday’s Loot – 25 October 2006

I’m going to take a note from Scipio’s book and list things that made me happy this week.

Seeing Godland back on the shelf.
Seeing the first issue of Seven Soldiers of Victory on the shelf (although I’m unsure about reading this until I get that last trade - see below).

From 52: Week 25
Egg-fu – Matrix-style!
“Happy Halloween, Judeo-Christians.”
“MMmmm, nature’s toothbrush. CHOMP.”
Dr. Fate’s helmet starring in the role of Skeets.

Godland #13
The very first sentence made me smile and feel good about comics again.
Seeing “What the hell?” instead of the word disease “the hell?”
“He’s…got me in a friggin’ headlock.”
The entire prison episode, monolith guards included.

Justice #8
Two old friends chilling.
Aquaman being regal and commanding respect.
Honest Abe, er, Joker.
Elongated Man throwing down with Plastic Man.

By the way, I really like the last issue of Agents of Atlas and the 3 issues of 52 I never mentioned in my time away. Evil Scientist Isle is my favourite development so far.

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Accursed Interloper said...

>>Dr. Fate’s helmet starring in the role of Skeets.<<

Except for the part about having almost-a-personality, and the other part about occasionally saying or doing something that Booster or his readers would find useful. hmf. At least he's got the metallic composition, goldy color, and hovering thing down. It's a start.